The Justice Reinvestment Coalition

We work in coalition with around 15 organizations under the Justice Reinvestment Coalition of Alameda County to break down barriers created by mass incarceration of poor communities and communities of color.


Through our outreach in Black communities, we have learned that around 80 percent of Black people we spoke to in Oakland over the past two to three years told us that either themselves or a family member had been incarcerated. They expressed that having a criminal record was one of the biggest reasons why it is difficult to find and keep a quality job.

Due to legislative advances like AB109, SB 678, and Proposition 47, Alameda County’s criminal justice system has decreased over the past five years. Yet research shows that without gainful employment, formerly incarcerated people are likely to reenter the system. People who have convictions or even arrests without conviction face enormous barriers to employment.

We Won!

Join us to ensure the Re-Entry Hiring Program of Alameda County will be implemented without being watered down. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in June 2016 to create a program that will hire formerly incarcerated residents throughout the county in 1,400 quality jobs. 

The initiative calls for a best-practice model to provide job coaches/mentors, court advocates, and support to take the civil service exam for county jobs. Building from successful employment models like the Jobs Now! program in San Francisco and Project Search in Alameda County, the Re-Entry Hiring Program is the first of its kind in the nation focused on the affirmative hiring of people who struggle to find quality employment due because of having a record. 





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