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Over the last 5 years, Alameda County’s criminal justice system has experienced a decreased average daily population of 1,400 bed days in Santa Rita and Glenn Dyer jails per year. Legislative advances like AB109, SB 678 and Proposition 47 have provided the impetus for such changes, yet research shows that without gainful employment, formerly incarcerated people are likely to reenter the system.  People who have convictions or even arrests without conviction face enormous barriers to employment.


  • Incarceration leads up to a 30% decline in employment post release.  

  • 90% of employers utilize criminal background checks resulting in a 50% decrease in hiring callbacks for those with arrests or convictions on their record.  

  • 375,000 Alameda County residents have a criminal record.  

  • Leadership from the County on providing good jobs to this population will lift up entire families and strengthen our community.


The Jobs for Freedom Initiative provides needed solutions to the employment barriers formerly incarcerated residents face in our county. The goal of the initiative is to develop a pipeline for a minimum of 1,400 formerly incarcerated residents in Alameda County and provide an opportunity to obtain livable wage jobs. The initiative utilizes a best-practice model to provide leadership development, reduction of employment barriers and court advocacy for participants that have continued contact with the criminal justice system.