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Our Mission

To eliminate Black poverty by increasing access to quality jobs, improving the quality of jobs in those industries that employ Black workers, and reducing employment discrimination against Black workers.

Our Vision

The Bay Area Worker Center seeks to promote economic and racial justice, peace and prosperity for the Bay Area by eliminating poverty wage employment and developing policies and corporate practices that perpetuate equality in the labor market.

1400 Jobs Campaign
Local Hire Campaign
North Star Program
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Campaigns & Programs

Run the Oakland Marathon!

Join the Sustainable Economies Law Center's 

#WorkersRunOakland Campaign!

Our friends at @theselc are running for dignified jobs! They've chosen us to be their solidarity partner this year, which means they'll give a portion of what they raise to the Bay Area Black Worker Center!

Join their #WorkersRunOakland campaign at the #OaklandRunningFestival by signing up at below!

We all deserve to work in democratic, equitable, and just workplaces. However, millions of people work under unjust conditions and awful bosses, without even knowing that a better option is out there! We’re working to change that by raising awareness about worker cooperatives and worker-self directed non-profits!

On March 24th, we’re participating in our first-ever marathon fundraiser and we’re looking for "run-raisers" to run (or walk) with us to make a worker-run Oakland a reality! 

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